I am so excited to launch my new website. Girls at the Grill is still here, but it is so much more!

ElizabethKarmel.com is interactive, fun and will be ever-changing. It’s your one-stop website for quick weeknight cooking, leisurely weekend barbecues, a taste of the South that I grew up with, entertaining, “grilled-overs,” tailgating; & all-around getting your grill on.

Email me to let me know what else you’d like to see at the new ElizabethKarmel.com site.


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hi elizabeth3
a food fanatic and the Grill Girl from North Carolina who has seasoned, basted and tasted my way across the country. Please join me on my non-stop, culinary journey...

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Barbecue Wisdom

That’s good eatin!

— Elizabeth Karmel

Summer Grilling 101

Summertime and the living is Outdoors! My-oh-my, how I love cooking and eating outside. It is as close to a vacation as you can take without leaving your backyard or balcony!

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Meet My Friends

  • Mike Mills
    Mike Mills Mike Mills is not only a legend.  He is the Legend! His ribs have won thousands of trophies but the best test is the taste taste of anyone lucky enough to eat at his restaurants or get a couple of bones at the annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party which is my favorite place to eat his ribs as you will soon read.  Check out his new website, 17thstreetbarbecue.com and his book, Peace, Love and Barbecue co-authored and masterminded by…

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