BlackRedGrillFriendsLogoTo me grilling is about FUN and FUNCTION. My line of Grill Friends® and Kitchen Friends™ cooking and grilling tools combine fun, contemporary colors and features with functional designs. After 15 years of grilling and cooking for a living I’ve learned a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work. When I design these pieces, I make sure that each bugsigitem in my line will work as well — around the grill or in the kitchen — for the new cook as it does for me. Each piece is both FUNCTIONAL and FUN because when it doesn’t function, you dont have fun!

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Grill Friends™ Super Silicone 3-Finger Glove is an Evolution
3-Finger Grip Provides Maximum Dexterity, Maximum Hold

The new Grill Friends™ 3-Finger Glove is an evolution from standard oven mitts and grill mitts, and silicone mitts which are often clumsy and hard to use.

The 3-Finger Glove is built for hard and hot work in the kitchen and around the grill. The gloves feature a unique three-finger design that offers more stability by giving you the use of your index finger to grip and steady the hot pan or food. This extra control gives the home cook added security when lifting hot pots, pans and cooking grates.

“One of the scariest things for home cooks is taking heavy hot pots or trays out of the oven or big pieces of meat off the grill. These 3-Finger Gloves give you the security of knowing that you can use your thumb and index finger to steady the heavy and hot items that you are moving. I made these gloves in two sizes because you have much more control when the “mitt” fits like a glove! And, the sizes are color-coded so you won’t have to guess whose glove is whose,” said Elizabeth Karmel, food writer, cooking school teacher and creator of the Grill Friends™ line of Grill Friends™ line of kitchen and grilling tools. The 13-inch length makes the glove ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

The extra-thick silicone is heavy-duty and heat resistant, keeping your hands safe from flying embers, spattering grease and boiling water. The new Grill Friends™ 3-Finger Glove comes in two sizes to fit more hands, more securely. The red glove is sized for smaller hands and the black glove is sized for larger hands. The heat-resistant silicone is good up to 500˚F and since it is dishwasher safe, the gloves can be used to pick up food directly from the cooking grate or oven without any worries about ruining them.

“What’s more, I’ve imprinted the glove with a raised pattern which provides slip-resistant “ribs” inside and out for maximum security. And, don’t worry if you get them greasy, saucy or just plain dirty! Throw them in the top shelf of your dishwasher and they’ll come out clean as new!” said Karmel.

The Grill Friends™ Super Silicone 3-Finger Glove is available nationally at kitchen, gourmet and housewares stores, in mail-order catalogs, and online at, and . The suggested retail price for the 3-Finger Glove is $19.99.

The 3-Finger Glove can be used indoors or outdoors, around the grill or in the oven and is distributed by Harold Import Co. along with the rest of the Grill Friends line of ceramic serving pieces, aprons, kitchen and outdoor cooking tools. The other products include the award-winning Super Silicone Angled BBQ Basting Brush, the GrillMat™, the Grill Friends™ Turkey Brining Bag™ and the SuperGrater™.

Harold Import Co. is also distributing Karmel’s cookbook, Taming the Flame: Secrets for Hot-and-Quick Grilling and Low-and-Slow BBQ, published by John Wiley & Sons and released in May 2005.

Look for eight additional Grill Friends products this Spring; the first-ever Super Silicone Angled BBQ Mop, the Steakhouse Burger Press, Double Kabob Skewers, Cedar Smoking Papers, the Super Silicone Off-Set Meat Pounder, the Everyday Brining Bag™, the line of Perfect-Fit Aprons, the Everyday Basting Brush and the Super Silicone Blending Fork. For more information, contact Elizabeth Karmel at 312-951-8394 or e-mail her at

Grill Friends is a line of kitchen and grilling tools that solve problems that real cooks have in the kitchen, around the grill and at the table. .

Grill Friends: Tools That Make Home Cooks, Better Cooks; Indoor and Out!

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