BlackRedGrillFriendsLogoTo me grilling is about FUN and FUNCTION. My line of Grill Friends® and Kitchen Friends™ cooking and grilling tools combine fun, contemporary colors and features with functional designs. After 15 years of grilling and cooking for a living I’ve learned a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work. When I design these pieces, I make sure that each bugsigitem in my line will work as well — around the grill or in the kitchen — for the new cook as it does for me. Each piece is both FUNCTIONAL and FUN because when it doesn’t function, you dont have fun!

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Girls at the Grill™ Take the Tongs
Great Grilled Food, Cookout after Cookout

Girls at the Grill? Is that an American Oxymoron? A cultural contradiction in terms? Not according to Elizabeth Karmel and many of her barbecue buddies.

In fact, King of the Grill himself, Steven Raichlen, author of The Barbecue Bible cookbook series recently affirmed, “I’ve always maintained that women make better grillers. After all, men lack the patience gene. And, Elizabeth Karmel is America’s female grilling expert.”

Elizabeth Karmel, known in the culinary industry as a grilling and barbecue expert has made it her mission to start teaching girls (and the occasional guy) how to simply, easily and successfully grill anything. Karmel’s company is aptly named, Girls at the Grill, and her tagline is “If you can eat it, you can grill it™.” She has been popularizing unexpected grilled food for years.

For example, one of her favorite foods to grill is bananas. And, if you don’t think that sounds delicious, just try her Grilled Bananas Foster. All the taste of the Big Easy with a fraction of the fuss and the calories! But that’s not all. Karmel is going around the country teaching would-be backyard chefs the fundamentals of grilling so they can have the confidence to choose meat, vegetables and even fruits that appeal to them and go home and cook without complicated or specific recipes.

“This is how professional chefs are taught to cook, but home cooks are usually tethered to recipes,” said Karmel. “During the past decade, I developed this teaching technique for professional chefs and then found that it worked equally well with home cooks who wanted to turn out fast, easy meals that tasted great with a minimum of hassle and a minimum of mess.

Once the basics are mastered, all the flavors of the world are ready to be incorporated in your grilled menus.”

If you are not able to take one of her classes, sign on to her website,, for a taste of her grilled fare.

The website, launched in April 2002 features a Test Your Grill Skill quiz and the BBQ basics in the Get Set…Grill section; a monthly Barbee-Q-Babe contest complete with prize package and a list of special events and classes in The Girls. But that’s not all, recommendations of innovative new products and cool things to enhance outdoor entertaining are found in Grill Talk. The members only Ladybug Club includes a message board and the free weekly GrillNEWS. The biggest draw to the site is the Food & Drink section with recipes sorted by ingredient and menu category (i.e., appetizer, cocktail, salad, entree, veggie, libations, dessert) and finally, Friends, Family & Fun with a special KidzGrill2™ feature complete with E-vites by Lineweaver Design and a downloadable grilling recipe activity book. is an online magazine format website celebrating outdoor cooking, entertaining and today’s cool girl lifestyle. It is the first interactive grilling and lifestyle website designed for girls by girls.

Besides teaching classes and creating new content for the website, Karmel wrote a cookbook entitled Taming the Flame – to be published by Wiley and Sons in spring 2005, and introduced her Grill Friends™ line of ceramic serving pieces and grilling tools to compliment outdoor entertaining. Before forming Girls at the Grill™, Karmel worked for Weber Shandwick (formerly BSMG Worldwide) and handled the public relations and culinary initiatives for client Weber-Stephen Products Co., makers of Weber gas and charcoal grills.

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