To me grilling is about FUN and FUNCTION. My line of Grill Friends® and Kitchen Friends™ cooking and grilling tools combine fun, contemporary colors and features with functional designs. After 15 years of grilling and cooking for a living I’ve learned a thing or two about what does and doesn’t work. When I design these pieces, I make sure that each bugsigitem in my line will work as well — around the grill or in the kitchen — for the new cook as it does for me. Each piece is both FUNCTIONAL and FUN because when it doesn’t function, you dont have fun!

Background Release on The Girls at the Grill
General information about Girls at the Grill

Grilling Do and Don’ts
The Girls will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do around the grill.

Girls at the Grill, Guests at James Beard House
Information on Girls as Guest Chefs at James Beard House

Survey Grilling Statistics
Up-to-the-minute stats of girl (and boy) grilling behavior and attitudes.
Fact Sheet

New SuperGrater™ Makes Short Work of Chopping Garlic
Once you see it in action, you won’t be able to live without it!

Grill Friends™ Ceramics are as Functional as They are Fun

Grill Friends Introduces the Perfect Fit™ Apron
Tall, Short, thin or thick, One-Size Fits All

Taming the Flame: Secrets For Hot-and-Quick Grilling and Low-and-Slow BBQ
Recipes and Text by Elizabeth Karmel, Photography by Christopher Hirsheimer

Taming the Flame- Endorsement Quotes

Barbecue Books Win Awards of Excellence from the National Barbecue Association
“Peace, Love, and Barbecue,” “Taming the Flame” and “Cookies Best BBQ Recipes” Honored with First Place at 15th Annual Convention

Grill Friends™ Cedar Smoking Sheets are a Revelation in Grilling
Japanese–Style Cedar Sheets put a Twist on Traditional Cedar Planking

Grill Friends™ Super Silicone 3-Finger Glove is an Evolution
3-Finger Grip Provides Maximum Dexterity, Maximum Hold