I am passionate about the things that I love, whether they are food, drink, equipment, tabletop, fashion, housewares, bath/beauty and/or anything that makes my life easier, or more enjoyable.

Sometimes, my passion for products is so great that I form partnerships with the companies who make the things I love. Think of me as the ultimate tester. I’ve tested all these products and they pass with flying colors. Check them out. I know you’ll love them too!

Harold Import Company

Harold Import Company is the leading distributor for the Housewares Industry and the Home of Brands that Cook(TM) Known to the trade as HIC, HIC distributes Elizabeth Karmel’s line of grilling and kitchen tools. Facebook
North Carolina Sweet Potato

Elizabeth loves sweet potatoes and it must be in her blood since North Carolina is one of the largest producers of sweet potatoes. Whether Elizabeth is making her famed Sweet Potato Bourbon Mash or a Loaded Baked Sweet Potato, or any of the recipes that she created for the North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission, she knows it’s good eatin’! http://www.ncsweetpotatoes.com/get-your-grill-on-with-elizabeth-karmel/
Weber Grills

Weber is the official grill of Girls at the Grill, and it has been the “girls” choice of grill since the first time Elizabeth made her North Carolina-Style Pulled Pork on a Weber gas grill—complete with smoking hickory chips! Weber grills are so well made that they may cook better than your indoor oven! The temperature is even and consistent and the grills are designed with indirect heat in mind, which is essential for everything from barbecue to baking a cake!   The patented Flavorizer bars under the cooking grate instantly vaporize the dripping juices from the food, creating the signature smoke flavor that we all associate with grilled food. Weber grills give you the confidence to make Great Grilled Food!…